Some Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man Fun

            Starting out with a brief overview of the mission here at Your Comic Relief, I aim to have a serious article posted daily.  On the weekends, as we saw on Saturday, if I find something that I find interesting I’ll post it with some commentary.  Also, I may update at any time if anything dramatic happens in the world of comic books.  So, in summation, you can expect a post every week day, and weekends are a possibility.  An RSS feed can help you determine easily if there is new content available.  With that out of the way: today’s post (albeit late).

            Admittedly amateur, home made comics are often fairly lame or don’t make sense.  But over at Panels of Awesome,  Mike Haynes is proving the skeptics of home grown webcomics wrong.  He recently published some of his personal home made comics.  While some are less humorous, this one really captured Spider-man’s characteristic and iconic sense of humor in my opinion, in a way the Hollywood failed to do.  Not to say the others are poorly done, I just find this one to be strikingly similar to how Spider-man should be portrayed.  Comparing it to a standard, as is the convention in analysis both scientific and literary, we can clearly see the similarity.  Spider-man’s sense of humor can be best characterized as witty and underhanded, and really makes reading his stories fun.  Something about this has been lost in the recent publications, comparing him to the spider-man comics from the 80’s there a marked difference in his persona.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Leave a comment and let me know!

            Also, everyone else seems to be posting the Dark Horse trailer, so I figured I would too.  Commentary and opinion will be posted once I’ve had a chance to really think it over.

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