Sexual Innuendo

So, my initial response to the Batman trailer is speechlessness. Granted, my ideal person to be would be a mix of The Stig, Batman, James Bond, and Obi-wan Kenobi. I’ve started the writing process for that, and it should be ready later today, or early tomorrow. On a personal note, I believe I mentioned that I am dead broke, well; I came into ~30 dollars, and decided I needed to go straight out and purchase my missing comics over the last two weeks. I was marginally successful. So I headed down to my local comic shop, but they didn’t have the last two Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul, or Messiah Complex. I’m going to have to turn to the internet to get those, or head into the city for Midtown ComicsI did however pick up some comics, such as Silver Surfer: In Thy Name, Wolverine #60, Ultimate Iron Man II, Sub-Mariner 6, and Star Wars: KOTOR to name a few. I’m very excited to read these; I got some annuals as well, spent more than I should, especially with Christmas coming up.

I ran across some humorous blog posts that I thought I would share. A post on El Sloganero, a blog devoted to a multitude of interests, recently posted a picture of an old Archie comic cover. This reminds me of all the stuff that gets thrown into children’s movies today. I recently watched the beginning of Happy Feet. In Happy Feet there is a scene where the two main characters are sliding about on the ice, and enact several different sexual positions. This is reminiscent of how old animators would throw in several subtle sexual innuendos, an example of which is the famous Little Mermaid Priest’s erection, perhaps just to see if people were paying attention, or if some of it was unintended. Regardless, it was harmless subtle fun back then, but this is blatant.

Now, granted, Shrek (the first one), did have something similar to this, but it was a short clip, and it was considered humorous. Also, admittedly, most young children wouldn’t notice what was shown in Happy Feet, however, the problem people are having is that it was so blatantly obvious. I have less of a problem with that, I’m just not a huge fan of modern art, in which everyone is trying to be more ‘out there’ than their fellow artists, because the most extreme get the most attention. I can elaborate on this viewpoint at a later time if anyone is interested, as I have just noticed this is in danger of becoming a huge rambling rant.

The other link I wish to present to you is Nadshot. Click at your own risk, some of it is kinda graphic. It’s nothing more than comic book characters getting hit in the man junk however. Less commentary to be made on this however, it’s just a neat link if you find that sort of thing funny. This concludes today’s post, hopefully I’ll be able to get tomorrow’s comics as well (shipping list in the previous post).


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