Wow…. Busy Day

Short update again today, moving houses is a big deal. Went to the comic store today, managed to pick up my back issues of Messiah Complex and Ra’s al Ghul, except for episode 5 of Messiah, which is upsetting, cause I really want to be up to date on the series, perhaps I can find someone who has it, or order it online. Other than that, I picked up the What If…? Civil War, World of Warcraft #2, Star Wars: Dark Times #7, Captain America: The Chosen #5 (variant because I didn’t like the regular cover), Cable & Deadpool #48, and Conan: The Frazetta Cover Series #1. Didn’t get a chance to write that piece on The Dark Knight trailer, but it’ll be up tomorrow, today was just a stressful moving day. Because of finals etc, I have 3-5 weeks of comics to rad as well, which is both awesome and daunting, so I’m gonna get to that, have a good day.

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