The Dark Knight Trailer

            Now I have been promising my response to this trailer for a little while now, and here it is.  The Dark Knight trailer is very fast paced, and shows you a lot of action, while keeping much of the movie itself secret.  It shows us a few key characters, Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, the Joker, Alfred, and Lucius Fox.  Much of this is very intriguing, because of how much is kept secret in this preview, but we can probably assume the Joker is out for money.  This cast of characters is pretty amazing, and many of them are played by returning actors.

            Christian Bale is returning as Batman, this is both good and bad in my opinion.  I feel that he makes a fantastic Bruce Wayne, I also feel that while he makes a fairly good Batman, there are two aspects that I can not forgive.  Let me expand on this idea, Batman has a very iconic physique/silhouette.  Christian Bale’s face really just doesn’t fit in the batman mask.  He also has this weird voice that he’s given Batman that I’m not very fond of.

            Michael Caine however, is possibly my favourite Alfred ever.  He’s a very upstanding and witty butler.  Michael Caine is a very qualified actor that can perform in a vast number of roles; he was also Jasper in Children of Men, another role that he played perfectly.  I really can’t say enough good things about him.

            The Joker is played by Heath Ledger.  It is his first time in a Batman film, and it is quite a departure from roles he has played in the past (think 10 Things I Hate About You, that’s right, that was him).  He really captures the darker persona that they are giving the Joker in this film; Heath Ledger really makes the Joker creepy.

            Finally we come to Lucius Fox, who is again played by Morgan Freeman.  Honestly?  He’s Morgan Freeman!  I watched Chain Reaction solely because he was in it (a decision I would not recommend to anyone else, it was a terrible movie).  


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  1. I cant wait for the release of this movie, Morgan Freeman does a great job, and Christian Bale, my god he plays Batman very very well.

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