Batman is Political Propaganda?!???!?

Could Batman be viewed as political propaganda?  Is DC being subsidized by the democratic or conservative party?  Are all comics just a way to influence your beliefs and personal values?  Well……. probably not, but a poster over at the Comic Book Resources Forum has come up with his own top ten reasons that batman could be liberal or conservative propaganda. Pretty interesting read, all fantastical, but still, humerous none the less.


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3 responses to “Batman is Political Propaganda?!???!?

  1. Hahaha, that was an interesting read. Though if people did actually analyse Batman, I think he would be conservative. Because I think Batman’s costume is quite conservative. Hardly any colour, he sounds mean when he talks. That’s Batman for ya!

  2. Tim H

    Conservatives sound mean when they talk? lol, glad you enjoyed the link, have a Happy Christmas!

  3. I wonder what they would “find out” if the take a look at Spiderman, Supermario, Zelda etc 😛

    This is sencless…

    They should ask the Comic-Authors, the ppl who created the comics if there is any relation to real politics and propaganda. And i dont think they want to sell their comics to only one political part of the men -_-

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