Happy 2008 Everyone!

I hope everyone had a good new year’s party, I know I did. I’ve had a super lazy day, first in a while, and it has been pretty amazing. I finally managed to get my hands on a copy of X-Factor 26 to read, and I’m now fully up to date on Messiah Complex. Unfortunately I’m finding that while each individual issue of MC is absolutely amazing, there could be more transition between them. SPOILERS — Such as when Cable is revealed at the very end of episode 5, they don’t explain how the X-Men know of his existence at the start of episode 6. I’m at least 90% sure of this as well, because I re read the issues to try and piece together what is happening in between each one, and I’m afraid to say I’m coming up with nothing. Perhaps someone else could point me in the right direction, because right now it’s a little lost on me. However, every issue is just amazing, and I eagerly anticipate the next one. Another issue of Rapid Fire Reviews is coming up tomorrow, and will include another four comics, although, there are so many I want to do as full reviews that I might have to do as rapid fire ones because of time constraints.

One last reminder, tomorrow is NOT comic book day, it’s Friday again this week. One more thing, is anyone reading Ultimate X-Men and would recommend it?



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2 responses to “Happy 2008 Everyone!

  1. The X-Men actually find out in the same issue the readers do. Gambit tells Wolverine, Nightcrawler ‘ports Wolverine out of range of Sinister’s telepathic blocks, he telepathically tells Emma, and Emma tells Cyclops and the others – “an X-Man took [the baby] from Cooperstown” – she already knows it’s Cable by this point. There’s a short Sentinel scene, then when it returns to the mansion they’re discussing the identity of the X-Man in question, the supposedly-dead Cable. Only after all that do the readers discover that it’s Cable they’re talking about.

    Can’t wait to see how the very similar twist at the end of X-Men #206 plays out, though, especially since the Marauders should be coming back into play soon! Damn public-holiday inspired delays! I want my X-Men!

  2. Oh right, cheers, I see how it worked now, thanks buddy!

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