YouTube Video Parodies Marvel Deaths

Well, I had a number of things planned to write up and post about today, before I get far too behind (I still want to get my review of New Avengers #37 finalized) but today managed to be overly hectic as well. I was forwarded this video shown below by a friend today however, which I found to be fairly apt, as we’ve had quite a few marvel deaths recently, even if we don’t count Silver Surfer’s death in Requiem produced by Marvel Knights, which if you haven’t read, I would list as one of the top mini’s for 2007, we still have had Captain America and Aunt May (but not really?), as well as Gwen Stacy, Uncle Ben, and Oswald’s un-deaths, just to name a few.

Speaking of One More Day, I have been fairly quiet on the subject, but sufficed to say, I’m pretty ticked off about it. Not only has it completely screwed up the last 20 years of Spider-man history, Joe Quesada is trying to backpeddle? Also, going purely beyond the writing, I found the art to be slow and laborious, there were pages and pages in AMS 545 that were nothing but the same panel, with a few words in a few panels. No no, I’m not ok with that, if I’m going to pay for a bad comic, at the absolute very least I’d like it to look good. With that rant over and done with… for now, I’d like to provide one more link. This picture if freaking awesome, and I need to find more friends willing to dress up like this for haloween next year or something.


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5 responses to “YouTube Video Parodies Marvel Deaths

  1. I don’t think Quesada’s trying to backpeddle. I actually think this is what he intended. When Pete gets to the party, someone asks him about MJ and wonders if things are still frosty between them. Probably signifying getting “cold feet” or something. My guess is Peter left her at the isle of their wedding.

    I think the whole idea might have just gone over pretty much everyone’s heads. Either that or we’re all just impatient and can’t wait for them to explain it more in Brand New Day…assuming they explain it.

  2. True, it could be less backpedaling, but still, while the story bugs the crap out of me, one of my chief concerns is that they are asking us to buy two extra issues a month just to understand the story, previously, hardcore spiderman fans would purchase all three titles anyway, but now even those of us who mainly followed one of the three are forced into two extra purchases a month simply to comprehend what is happening in this new life of Peter Parker.

  3. Maybe someday, all Spider-Man fans will look back on this and laugh, like they did with the Clone Saga. I think it’s the negatives that really constructs the stepping stones of someone’s life. Sure, the Clone Saga was horrible, but it’s probably what made Spider-Man he is today. Though I ain’t sticking up for OMD. That’s just horrible.

    Kind of makes me think what Marvel were doing when this happened… like, they actually let this get published? Spider-Man isn’t my favourite character, but I can’t believe they ruined him like that. It’s like Marvel got out of bed one day and decided to throw pies at a Spider-Man poster in the office. I let it slide with them ruining Iron Man, as he is one of my favourite characters, but this is seriously insane.

  4. By the way, loved the video.

  5. transportados

    That video is freaking awesome 🙂

    I know this is an old post, but the video is all new to me. And it was so much fun.

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