Immortal Iron Fist is pretty amazing

I hadn’t originally gotten into the Immortal Iron Fist series, despite it being highly recommended to me.  Upon recently reading the first six (so far), I have decided that I greatly lament my previous decisions.  I think it’s pretty amazing, which makes sense, it is written by Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker, and most of what he writes is comic gold.  The interplay between the characters has been amazing, and Danny Rand is turning out to be a considerable hero.  The comic strikes a good balance between art and text, both bringing elements to the table, such as Brubaker and Fraction’s skillful use of narration and speech bubbles when needed, and neither seems overplayed.  David Aja has a fairly spartan art style, which I greatly appreciate, with generally stark backgrounds, often a simple black, clearly emphasizing the character that is being portrayed.  The interplay between the two Iron Fists in the first six comics has been outstanding, and is a great setup for the coming story.  Who else has been reading this, and do you agree or disagree?


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4 responses to “Immortal Iron Fist is pretty amazing

  1. I’ve been reading it, since i saw brubaker was writing it, and I’m damn glad I did. Like Captain America, this is another character/comic that I never dreamed I would be buying today.

  2. gregor

    I read the first trade and it was brilliant, I’m patiently waiting for the second collection since I already have too much in pull list, tho I might start reading the singles after the end of the second arc.

  3. Heya – Just noticed a referral to my Pullbox blog from you in my stats and what do you know, I’m on your blogroll! Awesome. I’ll return the favor.

    Re: Iron Fist: I’m really liking this as well, but I’m waiting for the trades, I think it’s going to read even better that way. Plus, it would probably be a pain to get the 1st few issues now (I still can’t find a copy of Order #1!). It’s a strange period we live in where recent back issues are actually somewhat hard to find again.

  4. Looking forward to picking up the trades on this one.
    Definitely very well written. I’m curious to see if he can keep the tension & quality going after this arc wraps up without sinking into standard Marvel tropes – I’m really digging all this “new” Iron Fist continuity.

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