A Simple Apology

I have been away, I know I’ve failed (epically) on updating here, but I’ve had some ridiculously busy times in real life (I haven’t even read the last four weeks of comics).  However, I am back, and will return to the normal updating schedule.  Going to throw some links your way today.  The title of this post comes from a webcomic of the same name, which I have been meaning to talk about for a while.  A Simple Apology, written and illustrated by Mark Gleim, may not appeal to the kind of people that absolutely can not stand Family Guy, however, it’s not quite the same brand of humor, this is much more lighthearted and unoffensive.  Given this, it loses the offensive and ‘on the edge’ quality that some people appreciate and look for in Seth Macfarlane, but it has a lighthearted, almost youthful quality all of its own, that many have attempted, but few have rarely achieved.

The next link I’m throwing out there, is a fairly random, and slightly older one, old for a website based on weekly comic released anyway.  This is a Penny-Arcade link, to a comic about the Tiger Woods videogame released over the summer.  I just can’t look at the last panel and not laugh.  Hope you all enjoy them, and have a good day.



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2 responses to “A Simple Apology

  1. Nice to see you’re back Tim.

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