Scrull Secret Invasion, who’s a liar?

With the secret invasion looming in the near future, I’ve been getting to thinking about who could be a Scrull.  Yeah, I know, me and everyone else who’s read a marvel comic in the last six months, right?  Specifically, conclusions I may have drawn in comic reviews, that may be viewed in a different way in the light of the secret invasion.  I said in my review yesterday that I love the writing that Brian Bendis has been doing, and he’s going to be writing the Secret Invasion series, according to Marvel.

Ares – in Incredible Hercules:
Here’s a  Scrull candidate if I ever saw one, and from there we can conclude that Hercules probably is not a Scrull; Ares is attempting to use SHIELD to eliminate a non-Scrull under the vise of sibling rivalry.  This is consistent with Ares’s attack on Wonder Man as well.

Namor – in The Sub-Mariner:
Namor, in hind sight is acting very strangely, evacuating Atlantis, teaming up with Dr. Doom, who may also be a Scrull, we can never know.  Although, these conclusions may not be as sound as they could be, because he did save the surface world from the secret sleeper cells, but if we consider that he has essentially positioned all of Atlantis to be a first wave in an invasion, we must always be cautious.

The Night Nurse – in New Avengers :
Very chummy with Jessica Jones, who made a Scrull baby, so we can be relatively sure that she is a scrull.  We’ve seen very little of her recently, other than being friendly with Mrs. Jones and sleeping with Dr. Strange.

More to come in the future, have your own theories?  Leave a comment!


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2 responses to “Scrull Secret Invasion, who’s a liar?

  1. Hey, good to see you’re back on the blogging horse!

    Sub-Mariner is a very good candidate for Skrullery, that’s definitely some weird behaviour he’s displaying. The main thing I can see against it is that it seems like the truth might’ve come out when Black Bolt confronted the rest of the Illuminati in New Avengers: Illuminati #5.

    Night Nurse is also an interesting bet – she could’ve switched out the real Baby Cage for a Skrull baby. Personally, I’d be quite upset to find that Jessica or Cage were skrulls, so the idea that the baby was kidnapped and replaced by a Skrull is the preferred option, and Night Nurse would certainly be well-placed to do that. Although, I can’t help thinking she’s too low-profile to be an actual choice.

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot about that, I missed the Illuminati actually, which was quite unfortunate, because I hear it was great, I’m waiting for it to come out on trade, I don’t think it has yet. That’s a neat theory on the Night Nurse switching out the baby, that would be ridiculous/amazing! By that logic, either Jessica or the Nurse would be a Scrull… It will be really interesting to see in the end how/why baby-Cage is a scrull. Although, technically, anyone really could have switched that baby out. Jessica wasn’t there when Dr. Strange did the truth spell though, I don’t think anyway, and neither was the Night Nurse.

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