The Mathematical Humor of Pi

Wish I had found this yesterday, which was Pi day. I found this on Digg and thought it was humerous, and figured I would share it with all of you, and if you were wondering, I fall into the “You’re a dick”category, but not by much. I know up to 3.1415965, and that’s it. Unfortunately, I can’t just show it here as the set up I have chosen limits my pixel usage and the image is too big.

In other news, observant readers may notice that I have made another addition to my blogroll: “this is not a blog.”  Not one of your big, heavy hitting sites, but I read a few of the publications and felt myself drawn to the writing style.  Plus, regardless of political position, you have to admit that the most recent post, “Meanwhile, at a Clinton rally, it all goes wrong…“it pretty funny, and I at least had a good chuckle over it.


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2 responses to “The Mathematical Humor of Pi

  1. Hi there. I write “this is not a blog” (it was named when I was going through a Magritte obsession) … glad you’ve added me! Please, feel free to criticize, comment, or rant for any trivial reason … I’m trying to make myself be more consistent in my posting regularity, so knowing someone else is actually reading it (or at least looking at it) helps.

  2. Consistency is key really, you’ve got to keep writing, and writing as if people are reading.

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