Lazy Sunday

It is Sunday, I have some links, enjoy.

Any artists out there?  Try getting your colour schemes from comic book characters.  Admittedly, this blog entry really isn’t that spectacular.  It could be summed up with – use primary colours, specifically red, white, blue, green, yellow, and black.

There is some rap song by Ludacris or something about ‘hos’ in different area codes.  While I’m not promoting the degradation of women, and am very against it actually (WendySkeleton would probably stop reading – or get Wonder Woman to kick my ass – if I didn’t point that out), but someone took the time to map out all of the area codes, and as I am a fan of non-typical graphical humor, I couldn’t not link it.

Keeping with the rap motif, there’s a whole lot of rap songs represented mathematically here.  Each one is coupled with a link, so that if you click on it, you can listen to the song.

Finally, two new Dark Knight viral websites have been sighted on the internet.  So if you are planning on supporting Harvey Dent’s bid for district attorney, follow these links!

That’s it for this lazy Sunday.  Have a good day.

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