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Essential Info: Ebay Week

Ebay week has been slated to start on Monday, May 26th here at Your Comic Relief, and will run until Sunday June 1st.  However, there will be Day Zero special Ebay event at Life of a Welshman, so check in there on the 25th of May, and throughout Ebay week, as there will be information there all week supplemental to everything that’s going on here.  I have some fellow bloggers who may be contributing a guest article, and they will be announced later this week.  There are still spots open in the schedule if anyone still wants to write an article, artists are also welcome to contact me if they would like to do a themed comic strip.  Personal update: 3 days till graduation…



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LOLcat of the week – 5/13

No other updates today, finishing final research paper and cleaning my dorm in prep for graduation.

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Happy Mday, and an Announcement

I hope everyone had a good Mday (I’m proud, I came up with that by myself).  I myself went out to dinner with my mother at a nice snazzy restaurant.  Things are getting busy for myself right now, with five (5) days left until graduation, this year has been pretty crazy.  Not that I’ll be talking about that now, I may elaborate on it in Life of a Welshman, my fairly new personal blog to discuss all that, but suffice to say I’m excited.  In addition to a diploma, I will also have upwards of 200 new comics to read.  Why 200?  Well, possibly even more than that, you see, I’ve been busy recently.  So over the past 4-7 weeks (probably since midmarch) I have not found time in my schedule to read comics, yet I have continually gone out and purchased them every few weeks, thanks to the box I have at my local comic shop.  Assuming 5-7 comics a week, that’s already around 50 comics.  I picked up another huge haul from Free Comic Book Day on May 3rd.  Then on May 4th, a town near where I live hosted its semi-annual rummage sale, where I found comics going for 50 cents a pop.  Needless to say I think I spent around 30-40 dollars there, and they were all good deals, mostly from the late 70’s to the mid 90’s.  Plus the occasional ebay shipment over the past few weeks – Ebay is a HUGE weakness of mine.

It was with this realization that I decided that next week, or the week after depending on the feedback I get (either through comments or email to will be Ebay week.  In which I will discuss the joys and possible pitfalls of Ebay, as well as elaborate for all of you my massive comic acquisitions, complete with full bodied reviews, and rapid fire review sections.  It is now that I come to ask something of you.  For this week long extravaganza, I would like to have one or two guest articles, comics, or reviews.  So, if you are interested, send me a message or an email, again my contact email is, or even just leave a comment.  Let me know if what you would like to do, and what topic you are planning on addressing.

One last thing, I have recently started using twitter.  I’d like to start using this as a feedback and discussion tool with my readers, as well as a notification system for when I post a new article.  So, go ahead and follow me, and I’ll do my best to follow each one of you.

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Weekend Webcomic Woes

So, the weekend used to be a time where I would become excited for the new Ctrl-Alt-Del from Tim Buckley, but now that he has recently canceled his weekend posts, my weekends are becoming much more webcomic-less. Let me back up a bit, I used to save A Simple Apology and Palindramas for the weekend, and PvPonline has also just moved to a non-weekend schedule, although admittedly, my interest in PvPonline is passing at best. A Simple Apology, a webcomic by college student Mark Gleim, recently announced no new comics till June 3rd. This I can relate to, being a college student myself (however not for much longer, 6 days now and still doing unbelievable amount of work, which I am procrastinating right now), and I know how busy the end of semester can be. Palindramas, which usually updates Wednesdays, is my last bastion of hope for the weekends. Palindramas is a comic by Dan Mazur about palindromes, something I very much enjoy myself. I don’t know what it is about palindromes, but they really catch me, like when the clock reads 10:01, I get a little excited. Thank you Dan Mazur for keeping things animated for me on the weekends, because it seems nobody else will. Couple this with VGcats‘ poor track record this year for updates, and wow. Although, I have to be honest here, who wants to work on weekends, or do more work during the week in order to be able to publish another comic on the weekends, and I know it takes a good amount of time to get those made up. Does anyone know of any good webcomics out there that I might not be reading?


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I’m not dead yet!

So, last I was here, I mentioned I was sick. Well “I got better” (ok, last Monty Python reference). I haven’t been around as the end of semester has been hell. I’ve got a pile of probably over 300 comics (I found myself at a rummage sale with comics at 50 cents a comic, some good finds which I’ll write a post about later) that I have to read. That’s well over 4 weeks of comics, rummage sale stuff, a few random Ebay purchases, and Free Comic Book Day acquisitions. Hope everyone is doing well, I’m not gone, still around, and will be back exceptionally soon. I will be getting my undergraduate degree in biochemistry in EIGHT DAYS!

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