Weekend Webcomic Woes

So, the weekend used to be a time where I would become excited for the new Ctrl-Alt-Del from Tim Buckley, but now that he has recently canceled his weekend posts, my weekends are becoming much more webcomic-less. Let me back up a bit, I used to save A Simple Apology and Palindramas for the weekend, and PvPonline has also just moved to a non-weekend schedule, although admittedly, my interest in PvPonline is passing at best. A Simple Apology, a webcomic by college student Mark Gleim, recently announced no new comics till June 3rd. This I can relate to, being a college student myself (however not for much longer, 6 days now and still doing unbelievable amount of work, which I am procrastinating right now), and I know how busy the end of semester can be. Palindramas, which usually updates Wednesdays, is my last bastion of hope for the weekends. Palindramas is a comic by Dan Mazur about palindromes, something I very much enjoy myself. I don’t know what it is about palindromes, but they really catch me, like when the clock reads 10:01, I get a little excited. Thank you Dan Mazur for keeping things animated for me on the weekends, because it seems nobody else will. Couple this with VGcats‘ poor track record this year for updates, and wow. Although, I have to be honest here, who wants to work on weekends, or do more work during the week in order to be able to publish another comic on the weekends, and I know it takes a good amount of time to get those made up. Does anyone know of any good webcomics out there that I might not be reading?


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5 responses to “Weekend Webcomic Woes

  1. self promotion but i do a weekly webcomic called peas! hope you like it.

  2. Looks pretty good, I’ll be checking in next Friday to see the next one.

  3. I don’t read many webcomics, so I don’t know how it ranks comparatively, but I really like Kastle Comics. It is by the girl who works the counter at my local comic shop (Kingdom Comics), and her strip is about … well, working at a comic book shop. It has its moments.

    If I have time, I may try to write up something about comics on Ebay, if you happen to want it. I literally lived off of Ebay selling comics for several months, and it definitely has its highs and lows.

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  5. Drobbins, sounds like it would be a good idea, send me an email if you’re willing to commit.

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