Big Problem With Comic Story Arcs

I love Star Wars.  I really love Star Wars.  And they started their Vector storyline a while ago… and somehow the first issue got missed out in my pull box.  I don’t know how, or why, but there were no copies left.  I kept on recieving, and paying for, the star wars comics, but didn’t want to read them not having read the introductory issue.  Kinda stupid, I know, but I don’t like not knowing parts of a story (which is good news for Marvel/DC when they realease 5,000 tie-ins).  Well, I never did get that first issue, but the other day I decided to just buckle down and read them anyway.  Woah, waitaminute!  Where are my star wars comics?  I have no idea where an entire 3-4 month span of star wars comics are, and it’s really distressing me.  Has anyone else had any experiences like this?

Another comic that this has happened to me with is Wolverine, I’m missing Wolverine #41 or something like that.  I just need to sit down and read them anyway though.


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