Green Lantern – A Plea for Help

Hello everyone.  I have a favour to ask of all of you.  I know next to nothing about DC save a few bits and bobs here and there.  However, many of my friends have been telling me I need to read Green Lantern for quite some time now, and my local comic shop is having a black friday sale of up to 30% off, and I figure that’s as good a time as any to buy some trades.  I know that green lantern is a fairly involved series, with a LOT of backstory.  My question is, where do you guys think a good starting off point would be, and what trades/storylines should I be looking for?



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8 responses to “Green Lantern – A Plea for Help

  1. Ahhh… okay, you’re looking for trades….

    I’d pick up the Sinestro Corps War, definitely. That’s 100% essential to understand what’s going on and what’s going to be going on soon. Like I said in the comments back on my post, I’d pick up the Secret Origins arc on Green Lantern that just ended for some back story on Hal Jordan. Some Green Lantern Corps trades can’t hurt.

    Ummm… if you can get a copy of Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns, that may give you some context for what’s about to happen.

    Green Lantern Rebirth is good and also will give you some backstory on Hal Jordan.

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, but I’m sure some other people will have some good suggestions.

  2. kcgadiyar


    The reading order, in trades, would be

    1. Green Lantern:Rebirth
    2. No Fear
    (Also, Wanted: Hal Jordan, though its not that essential)
    3. Sinestro Corps War

    These should get you up to speed on the Green Lantern Mythos

  3. To get things rolling, Green Lantern Rebirth is the “it” thing. You can go from there, but before you get overwhelmed by events, you should check this one out and make sure you like it. I know you will, but it’s always good to be cautious 😉

    And Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Thanks a lot guys! I’ll be picking up atleast Rebirth tomorrow. There’s an early bird special of 25% off, and then from 10pm on there’s 30% off, so I think what I’ll do is buy rebirth early in the morning, read it, and decide what I think. That or I may wake up late… we’ll see.

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  7. If you haven’t done so already, grab Green Lantern #29-#35 (Secret Origin) as well as Rage of the Red Lanterns. You’ll have a better idea as to what’s going on if you check those out.

    Rebirth is awesome too…

    …which you now know.

    Also, I just read Dustin’s comment and realized we’re pretty much saying the same thing. I don’t care. I’m posting this comment anyway.

  8. Thanks for the comment. I neglected to grab “No Fear” but did get Sinestro… so… I’m gonna wait till thursday to get some other trades… As if I don’t have enough going on.

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