Star Wars Poster

Many of you know that I am a huge star wars fan, possibly to an unhealthy level.  I watch Star Wars, read the books, play the games, play games that remind me of Star Wars, and read the comics.  My good friend recently pointed me in the direction of a BustedTees poster, detailing a possible memo within the Galactic Empire.  It definitely merits sharing with all of you.


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3 responses to “Star Wars Poster

  1. grace

    oh hai another star wars addict. I read the comics and the dumb “han and leia’s kids go to luke’s jedi-school” books (hey, I was like 10), I have a six-foot-tall boba fett in my bedroom, and I have friends who refuse to watch the movies with me because I am mouthing/whispering all the dialogue.

    I’m loving your blog btw.

  2. Thanks a lot! I also read the Young Jedi Knights series. Some books you probably should think about picking up though, or renting from your local library, are the books in the Heir to the Empire series by Timothy Zahn. Those are really quality. Also, I have the same experience with star wars, and watching it with friends, I’ve actually found that I can watch it with my eyes closed, and I can pretty much remember what is going on lol.

  3. Great entry, reminiscent of the roots, especially now that the Watchmen madness has been sweeping the box office

    Meet New Friends. Get New Ones. Help the Old Friends Find Theirs.

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