About The Author

Hey, my name is Tim, author of Your Comic Relief. I graduated from college in 2008 with a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. I have a love of comics for many years, both internet and print.  I have been reading Penny-Arcade since 1999.  I am primarily a fan of Marvel and Dark Horse comics, however, I have been known to read DC from time to time, and I do love Green Lantern.  I am also a fairly intense star wars fan. I run several other blogs on a variety of subjects.

About Your Comic Relief:
A blog all about comics.  Major comic reviews several times a week.  Talks about DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW, Wildstorm, BOOM! Studios comics, as well as a wide number of webcomics.  Commentary and reliable opinion on all major comic related events and news.  Major updates every week day, with comic related links on the weekends.  This blog focuses, as one might expect, on the material that I personally read, being Marvel and Dark Horse.  If anyone out there is interested in writing for Your Comic Relief, about anything comic related but especially on the subject of DC, send me an email at yourcomicreliefblog@gmail.com.  Your Comic Relief also features an immensely popular lolcat of the week every tuesday.


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