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The Polar Express

With my new found super-power of mobile blogging, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about something non-comic book related. Actually, I seem to be doing a lot of that this week. The other day I saw the Polar Express, and I’m not sure if I liked it. It wasn’t a bad story, but at the same time it made me a little uncomfortable. The deal with the grammophone kinds creeped me out.
Has anyone else seen The Polar Express? If so, what did you you think?


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No Comics Today!

I know I mentioned it yesterday, but I wouldn’t want any of my readers to miss it and end up at their local comic book store only to find there are no comics today.  For example, I have to drive half an hour to the closest comic store.  Just so we’re clear, because of Thanksgiving, comic delivery day is Thursday, December the 4th.

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Batman is Political Propaganda?!???!?

Could Batman be viewed as political propaganda?  Is DC being subsidized by the democratic or conservative party?  Are all comics just a way to influence your beliefs and personal values?  Well……. probably not, but a poster over at the Comic Book Resources Forum has come up with his own top ten reasons that batman could be liberal or conservative propaganda. Pretty interesting read, all fantastical, but still, humerous none the less.


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How much do you like Bacon? or flow chart comics?

            If you’re not sure if you want to eat it or now, follow this link to find a handy-dandy flow chart, and find out how much you really want to eat bacon.  Today’s weekend update is regarding flow chart humor.  It’s not an avenue frequently taken by comic designers.  Probably because in order to make one humerous, you have to take someone else’s joke, or a commonly known idea, and make it funny.  Case in point, xkcd‘s 90’s Flow Chart.  He’s taken something that probably everyone, at least the vast majority of those who are going to read his webcomic, are going to understand, and put it in a humerous flow chart form.  Another webcomic artist to put this to good use is Asher Sarlin, creator of Elephantitis of the Mind, did a Pizza Flow Chart, however I think it’s merely coincidence that 2/3 of the examples so far have involved food.

            This comedic medium really only presents itself for possible use in the webcomic or newspaper comic, because traditional comic books have many more pages which they have to utilize, and generally, they are telling a story more than creating humor.  This does not mean none can be found there, there was an underwear advertisement, which I can not currently find, but was very similar to this.  I am a big fan of this sort of ‘flow chart humor,’ I like the logical layout of it, and if done right, they can be pretty funny.  They allow the reader to ‘get’ the joke at their own pace, and follow it through, imagining all the steps, of someone sitting there thinking, wow, do I want bacon?  Let’s consult this chart.  As a brief ending tangent, Asher Sarlin also did a pie chart for how the internet was used last December.

            I always intend for these weekend posts to be short, just some rapid fire linking, but they always end up being much longer than expected.  I will continue to update through Christmas, but they may be shorter updates, but then again, today was supposed to be short too, we’ll see.  Two days till Christmas!

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xkcd: what is means revealed and more

            Randall Munroe is the writer, artist, and creator of xkcd, a very popular webcomic.  On December 7th, Randall talked at Google headquaters on various topics, including what he would do in case of a raptor attack in the auditorium he was speaking in.  I found his talk to be really interesting, especially the pieces when he talks about how he started xkcd, and what exactly it stands for (which, as it turns out, it nothing).  Not only that, but I was impressed with how well he was able to deliver his speech to an auditorium full of people, given the short notice with which he discovered he was presenting.  What does everyone else think about this?



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