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Lost Killer Puppy

Not really comic related, but it made me laugh, originally posted at Dogatar.


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LOLcat of the week – 12/2

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LOLcat of the week, Thanksgiving Week

As a preview for tomorrow, have a happy thanksgiving, and be happy you have thumbs!!!!

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Norad Santa Tracker

Well, it’s Christmas eve, I’m going to have some mini-reviews up later today but I’m having issues with my work computer, so I’ll have to sort those out first. I wanted to link you all the NORAD Santa Tracker, in case anyone was interested. It’s up and live right now, follow Santa from Google Earth or just through the web browser! Have fun with it, and I’ll be back later today with those reviews.

Well, to keep things comic related, here’s a Christmas related Garfield comic (linked because it wouldn’t fit in the webpage format).

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