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Darth Batman?

What do you get when you cross Batman, Sith, and Shark Week?


I found this over at NerdCore.  I don’t think it’s actually FOR anything, but it’s pretty much a condensation of everything awesome into one picture.  Thought I’d throw it up to share with everyone.


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Rapid Fire Reviews: Conan, Cable & Deadpool, Star Wars, and World of Warcraft

Conan: The Frost-Giant’s Daughter #1 

            Granted, as I set out to write this review, I must admit that this was my first venture into the world of Conan the Barbarian.  For the record though, “The Frost-Giant’s Daughter” is the name of the story by Robert E. Howard, the comic is not depicting Conan as a daughter.  It opens with Conan on a snow covered field of battle, the lone survivor of a confrontation, facing off with another warrior, who we can assume to be the survivor of the opposing force.  The story continues with a scantily clad female, who approaches Conan of Cimmeria, tantalizing him, and he follows her for miles, eventually fighting her two brothers.  The art is very cinematic, and at times it seems almost watercolor, in what I understand to be the classic Conan style, there is a lot of buildup to the fight, but not as much art is dedicated to the fight itself.  I find this to be refreshing, although I do love a great comic book fight, Conan: The Frost-Giant’s Daughter has the feel of a novel, and it was based on one.  Despite its roots though, it does not tend to be overly wordy.  All in all, a good read.



Cable & Deadpool #48

            If you have been following Cable & Deadpool at all recently, you’ll know that Cable ‘died,’ and that his name has been crossed out on the cover for a while, replaced with a new character each month.  Now, I don’t think anyone believed for a second that Cable actually died (and we know now for sure thanks to Messiah Complex, that he didn’t), but it has offered some interesting story opportunities.  This month’s stand-in is Brother VooDoo (linked because some people may not recognize him, he’s not exactly central to many Marvel storylines), and he helps Wade Wilson with some self-actualization.  Fighting Deadpool arch-nemesis T-Ray takes up most of the issue, and while I am a huge fan of both fighting and Deadpool, nothing much really happens from page to page.  Don’t get me wrong though, I did enjoy the issue, but going back through it, it’s all setup for issues to come, and this issue is more of the same – Deadpool wants to be a hero now.  For Deadpool fans?  Well, you probably already own it, read it, and bagged/boarded it.  For anyone looking to get into Deadpool, I would go back to Civil War, and collect trades or read the comics by whatever means you have from there, because it will likely be confusing to any outsider at this point.

Star Wars: Dark Times #7

            Star Wars: Dark Times is one of my favourite Star Wars comic book story lines.  Set about a thousand years before the battle of Yavin, that’s the end of the first movie for all of those who might not know.  This story arc, Parallels, is set 19 years BBY (before the battle of Yavin).  This issue is comprised of three parts, a conversation between the nosurian, Bomo Greenbark (the new guy), and the human, Crys Taanzer, about how they have lost their families in the galactic war.  The next portion is a look at what happened after the events of Dark Times #6 (which, I highly recommend for any Star Wars fan out there), K’kruhk seems to be cautiously optimistic about his current situation, abandoned on this planet.  I wish they had donated a bit more than 2 pages to this, because it’s the story I’m most interested in; K’kruhk is one of my favourite Star Wars characters right now.  Moving on however, we’re back to the story of the crew on the Uhumele.  They’re attempting to make some money, but things go sour, and they get double crossed, and find they’re outgunned three to one.  Thankfully however, there is some deceit, and in the mayhem, it appears that the crew of the Uhumele will attack, with Bomo seeking to prove his worth, and become accepted. 

I am a fan of the art in Dark Times; Dave Ross is exceptionally proficient at making a busy scene understandable.  He is able to represent all the different races of the Star Wars universe, makes them recognizable, and gives them emotion.  Putting emotion into the eyes of a human is one thing, but being able to do it to a nosurian like Bomo Greenbark is another thing altogether.  If you’re not a Star Wars fan, I would be hesitant to recommend any of the Star Wars comics to you, because of the depth of Star Wars knowledge required, especially in story lines such as Knights of the Old Republic.  Dark Times would be much easier for anyone looking to pick up a Star Wars title, who has only seen the movies, however, working knowledge of Episodes 1-6 is probably required to understand what is going on.

World of Warcraft #2


            Last of this list of mini-reviews today is a follow up to the review I did of Issue #1.  The comic still seems to be written for a younger audience; the author still spells out many connections that could be left for any reader to discern for themselves.  However, the art is still very good, and much of this issue is taken up by a fight scene.  So, if you enjoy comic fights, this is probably worthwhile.  We do get a limited insight into the past life of “Croc-bait” or as he is known by the end of the issue “Lo’Gosh,” however, nothing we couldn’t have guessed for ourselves: he was a soldier who served under a still unnamed great leader.  He is likeable though, if you enjoy the unwilling hero motif.  My analysis from before has not really changed however, the comic is not brilliant, but it is good enough if you have an interest in the story behind Warcraft.


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