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Happy 2008 Everyone!

I hope everyone had a good new year’s party, I know I did. I’ve had a super lazy day, first in a while, and it has been pretty amazing. I finally managed to get my hands on a copy of X-Factor 26 to read, and I’m now fully up to date on Messiah Complex. Unfortunately I’m finding that while each individual issue of MC is absolutely amazing, there could be more transition between them. SPOILERS — Such as when Cable is revealed at the very end of episode 5, they don’t explain how the X-Men know of his existence at the start of episode 6. I’m at least 90% sure of this as well, because I re read the issues to try and piece together what is happening in between each one, and I’m afraid to say I’m coming up with nothing. Perhaps someone else could point me in the right direction, because right now it’s a little lost on me. However, every issue is just amazing, and I eagerly anticipate the next one. Another issue of Rapid Fire Reviews is coming up tomorrow, and will include another four comics, although, there are so many I want to do as full reviews that I might have to do as rapid fire ones because of time constraints.

One last reminder, tomorrow is NOT comic book day, it’s Friday again this week. One more thing, is anyone reading Ultimate X-Men and would recommend it?



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Top 5 Comic Book Fights of 2007

For the final post of 2007, Your Comic Relief is bringing you my personal opinions (also known as fact) on the top five comic book fights of two thousand and seven. This list is not all inclusive as I have not read every comic from 2007, but from what I’ve read, and what I remember from the beginning of the year (I think these are all from more recent memory, but I gave it a good think), I present you with The Top 5 Comic Book Fights from 2007!

5 – “Patches Malone” vs would be assassins


Seen in Gotham Underground #2, this one sneaks in at slot number five because it shows just how amazing Bruce Wayne is. Many comic book fight scenes are drawn out, so that the reader can see each individual motion that the characters are performing. While this is often a good tactic on the part of the writer/artist, this one is awesome by virtue of its exceptionally short length. Weighing in at one page, of which only three panels are of fighting, Bruce beats the snot out of some hired prison goons, in Blackgate Prison. The thugs get the drop on him, and Patches takes them down, with one hand, while holding his food tray, informing them he would greatly appreciate being allowed to eat in peace. Not many fighters from Marvel, DC, or any other publisher could manage to pull this off, and he has them on the floor within one to two hits each. Well done Bruce Wayne.

4 – Iron Man vs The Incredible Hulk


Brought to us through the Iron Man – World War Hulk tie in, in Iron Man #19, this fight would have been mediocre at best without the commentary in nearly every panel. As Tony Stark dons the Hulkbuster armour, a speech is being given during the fight, if we allow ourselves to suspend our disbelief that Stark could come up with this while getting pounded by the Hulk, or perhaps believe that it is pre-recorded, the words actually manage to elevate this fight from decent to outstanding. Good enough to send shivers down most people’s spines, as Tony explains his reasoning behind his decisions, and suits up to fight what could potentially be his final battle. Usually we don’t consider the text to be important to the fighting, but in this case, Christos N. Gage has shown us exactly what can be achieved through a proper combination of the two.

3 – Deadpool vs Sabertooth


Located in Cable & Deadpool #41, this has all the hallmarks of a hilarious encounter with Deadpool. Starting from the beginning however, there is an amazing lead up to the fight with Domino’s line “Even if I did, I won’t be getting a word in edgewise…” As Deadpool parachutes in and does what he does (or what Wolverine does, but not quite as well, we can never be sure). There were two main selling points on this, the first was that it was an entirely selfless act by Deadpool, and the second was the full page of Wade Wilson unloading round after round, and clip after clip into Sabertooth, while singing, ending with “Hey, look at that. No mo’ buwwets.” To humiliate him even further, he was laughing at Sabertooth while he shuffled around with his tendons shot to pieces, like “Taylor Hicks trying to do Swan Lake.” As great as it was, and as hilarious as Deadpool can be, it ends with Cable telekinetically throwing him in a direction picket at random, ending the issue with a laugh.

2 – Obi-wan Kenobi vs Darth Krayt

Dark Horse makes it into the top 5, and before I get any nitpicking comments, he wasn’t Darth Krayt yet when he fought Obi-wan, he was still simply A’sharad Hett. Carrying on, this one can be found in Star Wars: Legacy #16, and could deserve to be on this list simply by virtue of having lightsabers, or by featuring Obi-wan, one of my favourite Star Wars characters of all time, and I know quite a few of them. The fight is set on Tatooine, and tells the story of Obi-wan’s secret mission to protect Luke Skywalker as he grew up on the remote planet. This assumed, but previously untold story of Obi-wan’s duty is a great revelation, and it is phenomenal to see it represented graphically in a comic book. Simply put, the artist Jan Duursema, manages to give this fight a sense of speed and urgency that is merely attempted by other artists. This is no mere feat in and of itself, but he keeps it up for just over four pages with no dialogue save some “oof” speech bubbles. Obi-wan exiles the shamed Master Hett, and he swears to leave Tatooine and never return.


1 – Thor vs Iron Man


Thor #3; in my opinion possibly the best comic released this year. During Civil War, Tony Stark used Thor’s genetic code to create a Thor clone, which killed Goliath. Now Thor has returned, and needless to say, Thor is pissed. Thor once said that he never used more than 1/3 of his Asgardian might fighting any mortal, for fear of killing them, but right now, he’s pretty freaking pissed, and it doesn’t help that Iron Man has appeared on SHIELD business, and is upset about Thor basically stealing American Soil, and making a new Asgard on it (see Thor 1 & 2). To quote Thor himself “You defiled my body, desecrated my trust, violated everything that I am. Is this how you define friendship? Is it?” He then uses the mighty Mjolnir to produce a substantial throbbing in Tony Stark’s chest. Similar to how the Patches Malone fight was awesome because they couldn’t touch him, Iron Man throws everything he has at Thor, and he never stands a chance. He tells Iron Man what’s up, and notes that they will finish “discussing” the violation of his person.




That’s it for the Top 5 Fights of 2007, other fights that were considered were Iron Man & Captain America vs mecha-Thor in What If? Civil War, Amadeus Cho vs just about anything in the recent World War Hulk, also from WWH was Ghost Rider vs Hulk in Ghost Rider #13, and lastly Namor vs either Wolverine or Venom in Sub-Mariner: The Initiative issues #4 and 5 respectively. I look forward to hearing your input, and have a safe and happy new year! I will see you all again in 2008!


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End of Year Comic Pull List Reshuffling

So, 2007 is nearing an end, and I figured I’d poll anyone who visits this site on what they’ll be changing in their pull list. I find this time of the year is a good time to sort that stuff out, and while I’ll tweak my pull list throughout the year, this is the time of the year in which I make larger changes.

Daredevil: dropped

I feel like nothing has been happening too much, it’s all been more of the same false leads following up on them for nothing. Daredevil has never been one of the fastest paced comics out there, but not I feel that Murdock could sneeze and that’d be enough for the editors. The annual was amazing, I was a huge fan of that, but the lead up to issue #100 was so big, and in the end that flopped. It pains me to drop this title, especially considering that he is one of my favourite characters in the Marvel universe.

The Order: dropped

Yeah, not much has been happening in The Order either, well, no, that’s a lie. Things have been happening, and they’ve been reasonably interesting, but to be honest it just feels so disconnected from everything else Marvel. I like it when stories at intertwined, and figuring out how everything fits together, like a giant puzzle, and The Order just doesn’t have any relation to anything else. Also, I find the characters to be very stereotypical and shallow, and that makes it very hard to me to like them, or become invested in their interests and well being.

Heroes for Hire: dropped

I started reading this during World War Hulk, and decided I’d give it a chance to grow on me. It hasn’t, I’m not really sure why, I like the characters, the stories aren’t bad, I’m just not enjoying reading it.

Amazing Spider-man: dropped

There has been a lot of hype about this recently. While I DO have a major issue with what they have done to Spider-man, my reasons for dropping this title are slightly more shallow than that. I don’t want to pick it up three times a month, for a couple reasons. It’ll get too expensive, that’s an extra two issues a month I’ll have to pick up to keep on top of the story, and also, I don’t trust Marvel (or any publisher) to bring out GOOD issues almost weekly. I mentioned Daredevil’s attitude of “sneeze and the comic is over,” and they have a month to bring each one out.

Cable & Deadpool: dropped

Sadly, it’s ending. So I really don’t have a choice about this, but I will be picking up Cable, and if there’s any Deadpool titles coming up, you can bet I’ll be picking them up too.

Incredible Hulk: added

For better or worse, I really like Amadeus Cho. Probably because I like math, but hey, as long as he’s continuing to be in it, I’m going to keep reading it. I even like his character most of the time. Something about the boy that can stop a train with a pebble really intrigues me

Anything Conan: added

I read a single issue of Conan, and let me tell you, I loved it. Everything about it. I’m working on a review of it which will be posted in a day or two once I’ve had a chance to proof read it (I put a significant amount of effort into these reviews)

That’s it for me, how about you guys, what will you be picking up, and what issues are getting left on the shelves?  Not a WordPress subscriber? It’s cool, I allow unsubscribed comments.


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