Who’s a Winner in Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Comic Awards

Nickelodeon’s has started their own comic awards bit.  The Nickaloedeon Magazine Comic Awards.  The twist in this one?  The awards were all chosen by polling kids.  The catagories were pretty standard, with the exception of “best hair in comics,” and the “grossest thing in comics.”  Something called a Diary of a Wimpy Kid showed up twice, including “best graphic novel” so maybe it’s looking into.  Best hair obviously went to Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.  The Simpsons Comic was voted best comic series, and Snoopy was voted the cutest comic character.  It’s good to see that some classics are still getting recognition among kids.  Otherwise it was pretty uninspiring, with a bit of statistical inaccuracy mixed in.  Some catagories were only availiable for voting via online and cell phone ballots, so the same pool of children did not vote on all the awards.  Nothing majorly wrong with this, per se, but as a math and science person, this is the kind of stuff I notice.


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